Customer Service Solutions

Why CMD Outsourcing Solutions?

For over 20 years, CMD has specialized in helping administrative departments of colleges and universities across the nation solve their service challenges.

More than just a call center, CMD is a US-based, multi-platform solutions provider for University and College Administrative officers who face customer service and operational challenges, such as:

Shrinking Resources

Growing Demand

Mounting Student Frustration


Outsource your inbound and outbound phone call support to CMD to improve operational efficiency.


Our email support services are integrated with all other student support provided to your institution.


Web-based, always on, the software solution allows you to communicate with students at a lower cost than traditional person-to-person real-time contact.


Texting (or SMS) enables you to deliver information in a way that’s personalized, easily accessible, and instantaneous.


From fielding questions about how to enroll, to detailed financial aid inquires, a chatbot powered by AI may address many of your student’s questions, all without adding staff!

Who We Serve

CMD has developed experience with a diverse set of institutions, students, and systems.

Leveraging this experience at your institution can help jump start a successful customer service journey for your student population.

Our Values

CMD understands that your reputation is everything. Students’ phone calls or emails are often their first interaction with the school, and often how they formulate an opinion and perception of the school.

CMD’s services are designed to enhance your school’s brand and reputation as a timely and effective communicator. With every client and every engagement, our objective is to act professionally, ethically and with integrity. This guiding principle is the standard for every decision and action in all of our business relationships.

The CMD Difference

Since its inception, CMD’s sole focus is building the processes, training, and support structure for high-quality customer service to higher education institutions.

We also understand that quality of service is more than just answering the phone or email. That is why we make it our goal to help you better document, understand, and address student issues as they reach out to your institution.

Customer Service Solutions for Higher Ed

An Extension of Your Institution’s Administrative Offices—Financial Aid, Admissions, Bursar, Registrar, or Housing

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