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Best Practice Approach

CMD has a unique approach to higher education support and customer service.

Our view is that the true success of a call center’s support can’t, and shouldn’t, be measured solely on how well you answer the phone.

Critical success factors should also include:

How well do you understand why students are calling?

Student engagement and success is not possible without knowing the administrative challenges your students face as they navigate the enrollment process at your school.

Can you reduce the number of student inquiries?

If you know the issues/challenges students are facing, you can be proactive and get ahead of issues by pushing information to students or providing alternative means for them to access and acquire information.

CMD understands that solving some of the complex customer service issues on campus requires a long-term and ongoing commitment that will have a positive impact on call volumes. 

CMD takes a holistic approach to all student inquiries.  We review the school’s SIS to see if there are any issues beyond the specific inquiry made by the student or parent.  This reduces the need for a second call later.

This chart is an example of the impact CMD’s support can have on a school over time.

It reflects actual data for a large community college over a 36-month period.  Since starting its program with CMD for inbound support, inbound inquiries have dropped by more than fifteen (15) percent.  


The decrease in inquiries translates directly to lower cost for the school.

These results can only be achieved by working very closely with the school, having a detailed understanding of the student issues, and working together to develop targeted solutions.

Average Inquiries Per Month

Get started with a cost analysis of in-house support versus outsourcing.

There are many variables that contribute to the cost of student support, which makes it difficult for institutions to understand their true cost. Let CMD help you identify and analyze the specific needs of your institution and better understand your cost as you evaluate the different options.

Wherever you face resource challenges in serving your students, CMD can help.

Customer Service for Higher Ed
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