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Multi-departmental Service Solutions

By leveraging CMD’s inbound and outbound communications support, schools are able to proactively target applicant pools, manage multiple applicant campaign inquires, and more effectively manage the thousands of inbound and outbound communications that make up the recruitment process. 

By partnering with CMD, your institution will put in place a customized communication and targeting strategy that best fits your individual institution’s applicant strategy and enrollment goals.

Examples of CMD admissions support programs:

Qualifier of Applicant Pool

Eliminate uninterested students to focus your resources on those most likely to enroll or undecided.

Financial Aid Outreach and Pre-qualifications

Reach out to prospective students to discuss scholarships and explain award letters and confirm enrollment.

Enroll Students in Fast Track Programs

Proactively enroll students in “fast track” programs that give them priority to classes.

Fixing Missing Information

Missing critical admissions information and documents

Text Notification Signup

Enroll students in school text notification to communicate important alerts/dates

Set Up Required Meetings with Advisors

Reach out to students to set up required meetings with advisors

Customer Service Solutions for Higher Ed

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