Customer Service Solutions

Phone Calls

Outsource your inbound and outbound phone call support to CMD to improve operational efficiency. Our services better connect the offices of enrollment management for better overall service.

Inbound Phone Calls

Our outsourced inbound support delivers increased service levels and excellent First Call Resolution Rates, across multiple communication channels and across various departments.


CMD focuses on providing higher education call center support, from the most basic (level 1) to the complex (level 3), to administrative departments including financial aid, admissions, student accounts, registration and housing. 

Our team-based staffing ensures your school is assigned highly trained CSRs with in-depth knowledge of your school's policies and procedures, as well as federal higher education rules and regulations.

CMD will establish a highly responsive inbound support structure that is completely seamless to students and families reaching out to your institution.

Our custom inbound support services will provide your institution:​

Calls – 93+% first-contact resolution (Tier 3 Service)

Deliver consistent service levels over fluctuating call volume​

Detail data and intelligence on each call reason​

IVR – Voice automation customized to your messaging​

Free up staff to focus on more important processing issues ​

Outbound Phone Calls

CMD removes the administrative burden of making contact with parents and students. We deliver the technology and resources to develop a proactive communication plan that positively impacts the entire enrollment cycle. 

Today, more than ever, it’s critical to engage students at every step of the enrollment process.

Examples of how we work with institutions:

Admissions/Enrollment Support

Proactively reach out to accepted students with estimated award packages to increase conversion

Alert admitted students of missing data

Understand and determine acceptance status sooner

Address enrollment processes and timelines

Financial Aid

FAFSA Completion Support

Verification Follow Up

Award Letter Counseling

Proactive outreach before deadlines are missed

Registration & Student Records

Welcome new students, ease the on-boarding process

Transcript Request Support

Notification of Registration Holds and instructions

Registration deadline notification

Bursar & Student Account Support

Assist students with e-billing sign up and questions

Assist students with payment plan registration and questions

Tuition/Receivables Follow-up/Payment Plan Monitoring

Default Prevention

Reach out to high-risk students with assistance

Counsel and direct students to specific default prevention tools

Develop letters and follow up campaigns to specific cohort groups

Customer Service Solutions for Higher Ed

An Extension of Your Institution’s Administrative Offices—Financial Aid, Admissions, Bursar, Registrar, or Housing

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