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Multi-Channel Customer Service Solutions

An extension of your institution’s administrative offices—Financial Aid, Admissions, Bursar, Registrar, or Housing.

Wherever you face resource challenges in serving your students, CMD can help.​

We partner with colleges and universities to provide a seamless and cost-effective communications platform to better handle issues related to administrative services, including admissions, registration, financial aid, business office, and housing.

Address your service challenges head-on with CMD’s multi-channel and multi-departmental service solutions to increase student satisfaction in today’s university and college administrative offices.

Financial Aid Admissions Bursar Registrar Housing Phone Calls Email Live Chat Texting AI Chat

CMD can deliver dramatic and sustainable improvement in service and student satisfaction.

Let us help your college or university:

Reduce wait times and eliminate call backs and complaints

Accelerate financial aid and other administrative processing

Implement a campus-wide, one-stop solution

Improve parent and student satisfaction with administrative departments

Communicate proactively with parents and students

Quality Customer Service is Critical to Retaining Students​

Research indicates that 72% of students who do not re-enroll give customer service as the reason.

(Neal A. Raisman, The Business of Higher Education)

Get started with a cost analysis of in-house support versus outsourcing.

There are many variables that contribute to the cost of student support, which makes it difficult for institutions to understand their true cost. Let CMD help you identify and analyze the specific needs of your institution and better understand your cost as you evaluate the different options.

Wherever you face resource challenges in serving your students, CMD can help.

Customer Service for Higher Ed
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