Customer Service Solutions

One-Stop Multi-Channel Support

Select a custom combo of services to meet your needs:

Phone Calls

Outsource your inbound and outbound phone call services to CMD to improve operational efficiency and boost retention.


Our email support services are integrated with all other student support provided to your institution.

Live Chat

Web-based, always-on, the software solution allows you to communicate with students at a lower cost than traditional person-to-person real-time contact.

Text Messages

Text Messages (or SMS) enables you to deliver information in a way that’s personalized, easily accessible, and instantaneous.

AI Chatbot

From fielding questions about how to enroll, to detailed financial aid inquires, an AI chatbot may address many of your student’s questions, all without adding staff!

Campus KnowledgeBase

A unique comprehensive internal FAQ for each college or university. Use as a basis for other solutions, or as a stand-alone service.

Get started with a cost analysis of in-house support versus outsourcing.

There are many variables that contribute to the cost of student support, which makes it difficult for institutions to understand their true cost. Let CMD help you identify and analyze the specific needs of your institution and better understand your cost as you evaluate the different options.

Wherever you face resource challenges in serving your students, CMD can help.

Customer Service for Higher Ed
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